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High School Completion
Asher offers high school completion classes for ages 16 and up.  Morning, afternoon and evening classes are available.  Twenty-one credits are required for graduation.
GED Preparation and Testing
GED Prep classes are designed for students who need a refresher course and will be ready to enter the GED testing process.  Morning, afternoon and evening classes are available.  There is a $30 registration fee for students aged 20 and older.

Test-takers must be 18 years of age and not currently enrolled in a regular high school or at least 16/17 with proper documentation.  The cost for the test is $37.50 per module.  There are 4 modules: Math, English, Science and Social Studies.  The total cost of the test is $150.  Register to test at

ESL classes are English classes for the foreign born.  ESL classes teach listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills for those adults whose primary language is not English.  There is a $30 registration fee for ESL classes.

Adult Basic Education
Adult Basic Education classes (ABE classes) are designed for students who want to improve their basic reading, writing, spelling, and math skills.  There are morning, afternoon and evening classes available.  
Enrichment and Leisure Classes
Online registration is now available.  Please use the Community Ed link at the top of the page to view and register for classes.
Downriver Literacy Council
Do you need help in Reading?  We will evaluate your skills and place you in a reading classroom or match you with a trained volunteer to help you imporve your reading.  Excellent results!

Are you interested in becoming a VOLUNTEER and helping others?  Adult students are returning to Asher for high school completion or GED certification and NEED YOU!

Southgate Virtual Academy
Southgate Virtual Academy is an online high school for students aged 14 – 19.  See SVA website for more information.

I continued my education.  I graduated from college.  Thanks to Asher, I kept going.  Without them, I don’t know where I’d be today.
- Xavier, Class of '04
Thank you Asher school for your support and time to help me achieve my goals. I started at the nuclear plant for the outage and I’m also a nuclear engineering major now. Thanks to the continued efforts by the staff I am able to pursue my dreams. You’re a phenomenal establishment and I hope many people utilize the school year after year to reach the stars.
- Joe, Class of '15
This school and caring staff have changed many lives, including mine. Very proud graduate!
- Jordan, Class of '09
Asher gave me a fresh start and a new perspective.  I never knew what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be.  The staff and teachers gifted me with a new beginning.  They were there every time I needed them and I can proudly say I couldn’t have started this new life without them.
- Amber, Class of '16
My experience at Asher has greatly impacted my life for the better.  My biggest accomplishment while at Asher was finding my voice.  I was extremely shy and insecure before Asher but the students and staff made me into the outgoing, confident woman I am today.
- Destiny, Class of '16
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