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To us, education and excellence go hand in hand. From our Southgate campus we provide a full service educational program that is second-to-none. Our comprehensive classes are designed to help students achieve their learning objectives and fulfill their potential.

At Asher, you can choose the learning schedule that best suits your lifestyle: classes run from Monday through Thursday/Friday, with morning, afternoon and evening slots available. If you’re 16 or over on September 1 of the current school year, you’re eligible to enroll. Students can earn 3 ½ – 4 ½ credits per semester and enjoy a host of benefits including an open campus, hot lunches and free childcare. If you’d like to learn in a positive environment staffed by dedicated teachers, contact Asher School today.

I graduated Asher in 2003, then continued my education at Wayne County Community College for my Associates Degree in Applied Science. I am currently one year away from receiving my Business Management Degree from Schoolcraft College. Thanks, Asher!
- Derek W. (Asher Graduate 2003)

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